Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Biçer Güner delivers prompt, pragmatic, and highly efficient legal counsel to its clients in dispute resolution and litigation. Biçer Güner has an excellent track record across a spectrum of legal domains, encompassing civil, criminal, and administrative litigation pertinent to TMT, entertainment, press, commercial affairs, breach of contract, intellectual property, unfair competition, enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings, labour law, debt recovery, consumer protection, code of obligations, as well as constitutional law and fundamental human rights.

By seamlessly combining international corporate legal proficiency with extensive litigation experience, Biçer Güner anticipates and manages legal risks effectively, offering proactive risk mitigation and optimal dispute resolution for clients. Biçer Güner’s litigation team excels in handling litigation from diverse legal areas, such as shareholder disputes, trading and post-closing disputes of commercial entities, breach of contract, partnership and joint venture-related disputes, insurance, real estate contracts, unfair competition, franchise and distributor disputes, public tenders, expropriation, administrative disputes, customs, and tax disputes. Biçer Güner’s litigation team employs a tailored approach, utilizing appropriate tools and strategies for each unique situation, with a goal to maximize prospects for a successful outcome while managing legal costs and minimizing the likelihood of future litigation.